About Us

Just like many microbreweries, Beech Avenue started as a hobby, brewing from a 30 litre brew kettle in our kitchen. Lockdown gave us the opportunity to focus on our brewing and it wasn’t too long before we were dreaming about moving onto something a bit bigger, so we started to put our plans together…..

We wanted a brewery that would have little negative impact on the environment, so we focused on our best options to minimize our carbon footprint. We couldn’t believe our luck when our friends at Lodge Farm told us about their disused grain bin that they could adapt for us and even better when we discovered we could power the entire brewery using their anaerobic digester. This not only provides us with green energy, but allows us to recycle our spent grain by putting it back through the digester.

We are able to reduce food miles by using British suppliers where possible, offering local delivery and bringing our beer to markets and other events when we can instead of sending our beer across the country. When we thought about our beer’s packaging, we decided to use recyclable pouches and bag in box as our main packaging types, as they’re a fraction of the weight of the equivalent in glass bottles and are delivered to us empty in small containers. We will continue to consider what we can do better.

The good bit, our beer. Our beer is based on the traditional cask ale we know and love, all of it cask conditioned before being packaged for sale. We love to experiment with the different grains we use giving our beer distinct malty characteristics making it very much like that pint you love down the pub. We hope you’ll enjoy our beer as much as we do, so “Lose Your Way” and join us on our unique ale trail.

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